Mental Health First Aid Ireland

MHFA content

MHFAssist aims to train participants to identify and respond to the most common mental illnesses in the community. It focuses on:

*suicide and self harm behaviour
*drugs an alcohol

MHFAssist uses evidence based psychological principles to help participants recognise and understand the presentations and responses of people in distress.

It also provides a framework by which to assist people in distress

A – Approach
L – Listen
I – Information provision
F – Facilitate care
E – Encourage self help

The course provides opportunities for participants to learn and practice the skills necessary to assist someone in distress.

MHFAssist is delivered ONLY by practicing mental health professionals. Our senior facilitator is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience working and teaching in area mental health and early intervention.

Prospective participants should note that this is a skills based learning course and NOT therapeutic training. The course is designed for adult learning environments and is not recommended for people with current mental ill health.